An Overview of Keywords

Keywords are descriptive words assigned to image versions and saved as metadata. For example, a family portrait may include such keywords as Portrait, Family, Father, Mother, Daughter, Husband, Wife, Park, Client, Select, Purchased, and more.

After you have applied keywords to your images, you can have Aperture display an image’s keywords in the Viewer and Browser. You can also view keywords for selected images in the Metadata inspector.

Figure. Keywords displayed on an overlay on the bottom portion of an image.

You can use the Smart Settings HUD to quickly locate images by their keywords, and you can use Smart Albums to automatically group images that have specific keywords assigned. For example, you can create a Smart Album at the Library level named Purchased, which automatically groups all images with the keyword Purchased. If you want to quickly review the images your clients bought over time, all you have to do is open the Smart Album named Purchased.

You can also apply keywords to images based on your future intentions. For example, you can create a Smart Web Page Album that gathers images that have a For Web keyword applied. As you’re reviewing your images, apply the keyword For Web to any image you think is worthy of being published on your website. All images with the keyword For Web are now collected in the Smart Web Page Album. If you later change your mind about publishing an image on your website, you can always remove the keyword. As soon as you remove the keyword, the image is removed from the Smart Webpage Album.

If you sell your images to image libraries, you can export the keywords assigned to your images as IPTC data. During export, Aperture embeds your keywords individually in the image file as IPTC-compliant keyword fields. The more keywords you apply to your images, the more likely it is that your images will be located by potential customers. For more information, see Exporting Your Images.

Important: If you are planning to export your keywords as IPTC data, make sure your keyword phrases are no more than 64 characters in length. Longer keyword phrases may not be displayed properly in other IPTC editors or operating systems.

There are several ways to apply keywords: