Applying Keywords to Images in the Light Table

You can use the Light Table to arrange your image selection in a freeform manner. After arranging your images into groups, you can apply keywords to a group of images at once. For example, if you make a Light Table album consisting of the selects from your wedding shoot, you can group the images according to the part of the wedding event they show. After you’ve arranged them, you can apply keywords, such as Getting Ready, Wedding, Ceremony, Formal Shots, and Reception, as appropriate.

To apply keywords to groups of images in the Light Table
  1. Select a Light Table album in the Library inspector.

  2. Click the Keywords button in the toolbar (or press Shift-H).

  3. In the Light Table or the Browser, select a group of images to which you want to assign keywords.

  4. Drag the appropriate keywords from the Keywords HUD to the selected images.

The keywords are immediately applied to the selected images.

For more information about using the Light Table, see Using the Light Table.