Removing Keywords from an Image

At times, you may want to remove all the keywords that you have applied to an image.

To remove all keywords from an image
  1. Select the image.

  2. Choose Metadata > Remove Keyword > Remove All Keywords (or press Shift-Option-9).

You can also remove keywords from an image by removing specific keywords in the Metadata inspector.

To remove specific keywords using the Metadata inspector
  1. If the Metadata inspector isn’t shown, click the Inspector button in the toolbar, then click Metadata.

  2. If necessary, choose Caption & Keywords from the Metadata View pop-up menu.

  3. In the Keywords field, select and delete any keywords you want removed from the image.

You can also remove an individual keyword from a selection of images using the keyword controls in the control bar.

To remove an individual keyword from a group of images using keyword controls in the control bar
  1. Select the group of images.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In the control bar, type the keyword you want to remove in the Add Keyword field, then press Shift-Return.

    • If the keyword is a keyword preset, Shift-click the keyword button in the control bar.

The keyword is removed from the selected images.

For more information about using the control bar, see Applying Keywords Using Keyword Controls and Keyword Presets.