An Overview of Faces

As image libraries grow, it can be difficult to locate every image with a specific person in it. Rather than painstakingly comb through your entire image library, adding keywords to each image in order to identify all the people in it, you can use the Aperture face detection and face recognition technology, called Faces, to help automate this process.

When you upgraded to Aperture 3, Aperture identified all the images in your library containing faces. This process also occurs when you import images into Aperture 3. To begin the process of having Aperture identify the people in your images, you select an image with a face in it and click the Name button to assign a name to the subject in the image.

Figure. Name button in the toolbar.

An “unnamed” face label appears below the subject’s face, and you enter the person’s name in the face label.

Figure. "Unnamed" face label below a face in the Viewer.

Now that you’ve identified a person in one of your images, Aperture presents any image in your entire image library or within the item selected in the Library inspector that might contain the person you named. You view matching images by selecting Faces in the Library inspector or by clicking the Faces button in the toolbar. The Aperture main window switches to Faces view, with the snapshot of the person you named appearing at the top. You can slowly move the pointer over the snapshot to skim other confirmed images of that person.

Figure. Snapshots of faces in Faces view.

If you double-click a person’s snapshot in Faces view, Aperture presents suggested images of the person at the bottom of the Faces browser.

Figure. Suggested matches for a face appear in the bottom half of the Faces browser.

You can click a suggested image to accept it or reject it as a match.

Figure. "Click to confirm" and "click to reject" overlays appear when you click a suggested image in the Faces browser.

When you have named all the people in your images, you can create Smart Albums based on specific people. Whenever you confirm a face that matches the person the Smart Album was created for, the image is automatically added to the Smart Album. You can also assign Facebook IDs and have Aperture automatically publish the identified images to your Facebook account.