Assigning Location Information to Projects

If all the images in a project were shot in the same location, you can save time by assigning location information to the project in Projects view. Rather than selecting images in the Browser and assigning them a location, you can assign the location to the project. Assigning a location to a project assigns the location to all versions in the project.

To quickly assign a location to all versions in a project
  1. In the Library inspector, select Projects.

    The Aperture main window switches to Projects view.

  2. Click the Info button for the project to which you want to assign the location.

    Figure. Info button on a project's thumbnail image in Projects view.

    The Info HUD appears.

  3. In the Info HUD, click Assign Location.

    Figure. Assign Location button in the Info HUD in Projects view.
  4. In the dialog that appears, enter a specific address or the name of a place, a city or town, or a significant geographical location such as a national park in the search field.

    Google searches for the location you entered in the search field and displays a list of search results. Place names that match the text you entered are displayed at the top of the search results list, and Google search matches are displayed under Google Results.

  5. Select the search result that matches the location you are looking for.

    Figure. Controls in the Assign Location dialog.
  6. If you would like to give the location a custom name, enter a name in the Place Name field.

  7. Click Assign.

The selected location is assigned to every image in the project.