Searching by Date

Images that you import from sources other than digital cameras and card readers, such as JPEG or TIFF files, may not have EXIF information associated with them. However, they typically have a creation date assigned to the file. You can use this creation date to locate images using the Date search options.

To search for images by creation date
  1. In the Projects & Albums section of the Library inspector, select the item you want to search.

  2. Click the Filter HUD button (with a magnifying glass icon) beside the search field in the Browser (or press Command-F).

  3. In the Filter HUD, choose Date from the Add Rule pop-up menu.

  4. Select the Date checkbox, then choose a date option from the Date pop-up menu.

  5. Choose an option from the middle pop-up menu to qualify your search.

  6. In the text field, enter the date you want the search based upon.

    Figure. Browser Filter HUD showing the Date search options.

    If needed, you can add multiple Date options to specify the capture year, capture month, capture day, and so on.

  7. Choose Any from the Any/All pop-up menu in the top-left corner of the Filter HUD, if it’s not already chosen.

The images that match the search criteria are immediately displayed in the Browser. To save your search results, see Saving Your Search Results.