Searching by File Status

You can search for images based on whether they are managed images, referenced images, or online or offline images. In addition, you can use the File Status search category to show the images whose masters Aperture considers missing. For more information about locating and reconnecting missing image files, see Reconnecting Missing or Offline Referenced Images.

To search for images by file status
  1. In the Projects & Albums section of the Library inspector, select the item you want to search.

  2. Click the Filter HUD button (with a magnifying glass icon) beside the search field in the Browser (or press Command-F).

  3. In the Filter HUD, choose File Status from the Add Rule pop-up menu, then select the “File status” checkbox.

  4. Deselect any checkboxes that aren’t part of your query, then choose the search criteria from the “File status” pop-up menu.

    Figure. Browser Filter HUD showing the File Status search options.
    • To display images whose masters are located in the Aperture library: Choose Managed.
    • To display images whose masters are located outside of the Aperture library: Choose Referenced.
    • To display images whose masters are visible to Aperture: Choose Online.
    • To display images whose masters are not visible to Aperture because the external disk drive they reside on is not connected to your computer: Choose Offline.
    • To display images that Aperture cannot locate: Choose Missing.
  5. Choose Any from the Any/All pop-up menu in the top-left corner of the Filter HUD, if it’s not already chosen.

The images that match the search criteria are displayed in the Browser. To save your search results, see Saving Your Search Results.