Applying the Same Adjustment to an Image Multiple Times

Some images can be difficult to perfect. Images shot in mixed lighting and low-light conditions often require the same adjustment applied multiple times in small increments in order to achieve the appearance you’re looking for. For example, an image shot in low-light conditions may require multiple incremental Noise Reduction adjustments so that the image is not muddied by a single strong Noise Reduction adjustment. In Aperture, adjustments are applied from top to bottom. In this situation, you can add the Noise Reduction controls with a slight Radius adjustment coupled with a slight Edge Detail adjustment, and then add the same Noise Reduction controls to the Adjustments inspector again, with the same incremental settings. In some situations, incremental adjustments can produce a superior overall adjustment to the image.

To add the same adjustment multiple times
  • Choose Add New [adjustment] from the Action pop-up menu for the adjustment.

    Figure. Multiple instances of the Noise Reduction adjustment in the Adjustments inspector.

    Another set of adjustment controls for the same adjustment appears in the Adjustments inspector and the Adjustments pane of the Inspector HUD, if both are shown.