Working with Adjustments Applied in iOS Devices

When you take a photo using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5 and then apply either Enhance or Red Eye adjustments to the image using the iOS device, the image adjustments are retained and automatically applied when the image is imported into Aperture. However, you can turn off the device-applied adjustments and apply new adjustments in Aperture at any time.

Note: You can make adjustments to photos cropped using the Photos app on an iOS device using the Crop adjustment controls. For more information about using the Crop adjustment controls in Aperture, see Working with the Crop Controls.

To turn adjustments applied in an iOS device on or off
  1. Select an image that has adjustments applied in an iOS 5 device.

    Note: If the iOS Edits controls do not appear in the Adjustments inspector or the Adjustments pane of the Inspector HUD, the selected image does not have adjustments from an iOS 5 device.

  2. If you haven’t imported the photo into an Aperture project, click the Import Photo button at the top of the Adjustments inspector.

    You must import the image into your Aperture library before you can edit it.

  3. In the Adjustments inspector or the Adjustments pane of the Inspector HUD, select or deselect the iOS Edits checkbox to turn the iOS device adjustments on or off.

    Figure. Controls in the iOS Edits area of the Adjustments inspector.

Note: Because Enhance and Red Eye adjustments are applied on the iOS device, you cannot lift and stamp them onto other images in your library, and there are no adjustment presets for iOS Edits.