Image Processing

Aperture provides a powerful set of nondestructive adjustment controls that allow you to improve and enhance your images using adjustments such as Crop, Straighten, Exposure, White Balance, Levels, Curves, Vignette, and more. In addition, Aperture lets you apply or remove adjustments selectively, affecting only certain parts of an image, by using brushed adjustments.

Figure. Controls in the Adjustments inspector.

For especially efficient image adjusting, you can save adjustment settings as presets (collections of saved settings) and apply a combination of image adjustments to one or more images in a single step.

You can adjust your images using the controls in either the Adjustments inspector or the Adjustments pane of the Inspector HUD.

Figure. Controls in the Adjustments pane of the Inspector HUD.

The controls in the Adjustments pane of the Inspector HUD are the same as those in the Adjustments inspector. You can also easily export your images to a third-party application, and then bring the adjusted image back into Aperture simply by saving it. First you select the third-party application in the Export pane of the Preferences window, and then you export the image you want to make additional adjustments to by choosing Photos > Edit with External Editor. For more information about working with an external editor, see Using an External Editor.

For detailed information about making adjustments to your images, see Making Image Adjustments and Making Brushed Adjustments.