Proofing Your Images Onscreen

The printer, paper type, and color profile settings all affect the way your images are printed. Onscreen proofing allows you to check the color in your images, before you print them.

To use onscreen proofing, choose the proofing profile that most closely matches the characteristics of the final output device, and then turn on onscreen proofing. When onscreen proofing is turned on, the image is converted using the selected profile before it is sent to the printer.

For more information about ColorSync profiles and color calibrating your computer, see Calibrating Your Aperture System.

To choose a proofing profile
  • Choose View > Proofing Profile, then choose the profile you want from the submenu.

To turn onscreen proofing on or off
  • Choose View > Onscreen Proofing (or press Shift-Option-P).

When onscreen proofing is on, a checkmark appears beside the item in the View menu.

For more information about using the Aperture onscreen proofing feature, see Setting Up the Viewer for Onscreen Proofing.