Exporting Your Images

After you’ve finished working on your images, you can use Aperture to export them as files. You can export these files to another application, send them to a printing service or to your clients via email, or publish them on the web. You can export your images in several formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PSD file formats. During export you can rename, resize, and adjust images and include EXIF information, IPTC information, or other metadata. You can also apply ColorSync profiles and watermarks to files you export.

If you worked with audio and video in Aperture, you can export both the version and master files. If you trimmed the length of the audio or video files in Aperture, the edited length is preserved in the exported versions.

You can also export projects, folders, and albums, as well as a combination of all three. Aperture consolidates the masters and versions of the items you selected in the Library inspector and exports them as a library, maintaining their organizational structure. Then you can merge the exported library into another Aperture system. For more information about merging libraries, see Merging Libraries.