Exporting Using Plug-ins

Some applications, social networking sites, and photography services supply plug-ins that allow Aperture to export files automatically with the format and settings the application or service requires. For example, a stock photography service or print lab may require that images be transferred at a specific size, in a specific file format, or with particular types of metadata. Such a service can create its own plug-in that automatically sets up Aperture to export files with precisely the characteristics the service needs.

To use an export plug-in, you must first obtain the plug-in software from the service or application vendor and install it. You can find a list of available plug-ins by connecting to the Internet and choosing Aperture > Aperture Plug-ins. Third-party plug-ins for Aperture are stored in the following location: /Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-ins/Export/.

To export images using a third-party plug-in
  1. Select the images you want to transfer.

  2. Choose File > Export, then select the plug-in that you want to use.