Exporting by Dragging

You can export image, audio, and video versions by dragging them from the Browser or Library inspector to the desktop or any location in the Finder. You can also do the same with projects, albums, and folders in the Library inspector. However, MobileMe, Flickr, and Facebook albums cannot be exported by dragging.

Note: An image version without a JPEG preview cannot be exported via the drag-and-drop method. If the version doesn’t have a preview, dragging and dropping is disabled for that version (except within Aperture). If you are dragging multiple images, but only some of them have previews, only the versions with previews are dragged out. The quality of the JPEG image is determined by the Previews settings in Aperture preferences. For more information, see Working with Preview Images.

To export versions from Aperture by dragging
  1. In the Browser, select the image, audio, and video versions you want to export.

  2. Drag the versions to the desktop or any location in the Finder.

To export items in the Library inspector by dragging
  1. In the Library inspector, select the items you want to export by Shift-clicking adjacent items and Command-clicking nonadjacent items.

  2. Drag the items to the desktop or any location in the Finder.

The exported items are consolidated into a single Aperture library. The library is named after the item that appears at the highest point (from top to bottom) in the Library inspector. If an album is selected for export, the album and the project to which it is subordinate are exported, but only the versions within the album are exported. Any other images in the project are left out of the export.

If you want to rename the exported library, double-click the library file’s name and enter a new name.