Exporting Copies of Masters

When you export masters, duplicates of the files that were imported from your camera or other source are created; no adjustments, file modifications, or any other changes are exported with the file.

To export copies of masters
  1. Select an image or images in the Browser.

  2. Choose File > Export > Masters (or press Command-Shift-S).

  3. In the dialog that appears, navigate to the location where you want the exported files placed.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Choose None from the Subfolder Format pop-up menu to specify that the masters be stored as separate files in the selected folder.

    • Choose a folder name preset from the Subfolder Format pop-up menu to specify that Aperture create a hierarchy of subfolders with specific folder names to hold your files. For more information about creating folders to hold your exported images, see Exporting Images into Folders in the Finder.

    • Choose Custom Name or Custom Name with Counter from the Subfolder Format pop-up menu, then enter a custom folder name in the Custom Subfolder Name field.

  5. Choose a name format for your masters from the Name Format pop-up menu.

    For more information about selecting and setting up filenaming formats, see Renaming Images at Export. Aperture shows an example of the selected name format in the dialog.

  6. By default, IPTC metadata is not exported with the masters. To export the masters with IPTC metadata, do one of the following:

    • To write IPTC metadata into the master: Choose Include IPTC from the Metadata pop-up menu.
    • To create an XMP sidecar file that contains the image’s IPTC metadata: Choose Create IPTC4XMP Sidecar File from the Metadata pop-up menu.
  7. If you want to include audio attachments with your exported master files, select the Include Audio Attachments checkbox.

  8. If you want to be notified when the export process is complete, select the “Show alert when finished” checkbox.

  9. When you’re ready to export your files, click Export Masters.

Copies of the masters for the selected images are exported to the location you specified. If you selected the “Show alert when finished” checkbox, a dialog appears displaying the number of masters exported and the file path. If you want Aperture to open the Finder to the location where you exported your masters, click the Reveal in Finder button. Otherwise, click OK to close the dialog.