Exporting Projects, Folders, and Albums

You can select and export any combination of projects, folders, and albums in the Library inspector. Aperture consolidates the selected items into an Aperture library and places it in the location of your choosing. After exporting the item selection as an Aperture library, you can either open the new library and work within it, or you can merge the library into the library of another Aperture system.

For more information about opening Aperture libraries, see Viewing Other Libraries.

For more information about merging Aperture libraries, see Merging Libraries.

To export projects, folders, and albums
  1. In the Library inspector, select the items you want to export, then choose File > Export > Items as New Library.

    Aperture consolidates the selected items into a library.

  2. Enter a name and choose a location for the exported library.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • If your project contains referenced images and you want the master files available to the new Aperture system: Select the “Consolidate masters into exported library” checkbox to copy the original master image files into the new library file.
    • If you want to copy the previews into the new library so that you don’t have to rebuild them on the new Aperture system: Select the “Include Previews in exported library” checkbox.
    • If you want Aperture to alert you when it has finished building the new library: Select the “Show alert when finished” checkbox.
  4. Click Export.

Aperture consolidates the selected items into a library and exports the library file to the location you chose.