Renaming Images at Export

When you export a large group of images, the exported files often have nonsequential names. You can rename your images at export, giving them more meaningful names.

For example, suppose you want to export images LA 031, LA 441, LA 686, and LA 894 from image group LA 001 to LA 1061. You can use the Custom Name with Index name format to rename your images LA 1, LA 2, and so on.

To rename images at export
  1. Select the image or images you want to export.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To export masters and rename them: Choose File > Export > Masters (or press Command-Shift-S).
    • To export versions and rename them: Choose File > Export > Versions (or press Command-Shift-E).
  3. In the Export dialog, navigate to the location where you want the exported images placed.

  4. Choose a name format from the Name Format pop-up menu.

    Figure. Name format options in the Export dialog.

    If you choose a Custom Name format, enter your custom name in the Custom Name field.

  5. When you’re ready to export files, click either Export Masters or Export Versions.

The files are exported with the name format you specified.

If none of the preset name formats meets your needs, you can create a new name format.

For example, you could create a name format that uses a custom name, the index number, and the date.

To create a new name format
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Aperture > Presets > File Naming.

    • Choose File > Export > Versions (or press Command-Shift-E), then choose Edit from the Name Format pop-up menu.

    The File Naming dialog appears.

    Figure. Name Format pop-up menu in the Export dialog.
  2. In the Preset Name list, select an existing name format on which to base the new name format, then click the Add (+) button.

    Figure. Name format selected in the File Naming dialog.

    A copy of the selected name format is created.

  3. Enter a name for the new preset, then press Return.

  4. Add name elements by dragging the elements from the Include area to the Format field.

    If necessary, enter relevant naming information in the fields provided. Remove name elements from the Format field by selecting them and pressing Delete. You can also type characters directly in the Format field.

    Figure. Name elements used to create filenaming presets in the File Naming dialog.

    As you add or delete name elements, the Example field automatically updates.

  5. When you’re satisfied with the new name format, click OK.

The new name format appears in the Name Format pop-up menu.

When exporting images for specific uses, such as for use on websites, you may need to use filenames without spaces so that the filenames are compatible with the intended application or website. Aperture adds spaces to filenames depending on the name format you use. You can easily modify name formats to remove spaces from filenames.

To modify a name format to remove spaces
  1. Choose Aperture > Presets > File Naming.

  2. In the File Naming dialog, select the preset name format you want to modify.

    Figure. Name format preset and format element structure in the File Naming dialog.
  3. In the Format field, select and delete the spaces or characters between the name elements.

    If you wish, you can also add spaces or characters between name elements.

  4. Click OK.