Changing a Slideshow’s Theme

The first step in creating a slideshow is to choose its theme. Aperture provides a set of professionally designed themes that present your images with background images, graphic elements, and animation.

Aperture asks you to choose a theme when you first create a slideshow album, and it’s a good idea to explore the slideshow themes before you get started. Some themes may lend themselves better to the subject matter of your images than others. However, you can change the theme of a slideshow at any time.

Note: Additional slideshow themes appear in the Slideshow Themes dialog for use in Aperture when iPhoto ’11 is installed.

For more information about creating slideshow albums, see Creating Slideshow Albums.

To change the theme for a slideshow
  1. In the Slideshow Editor, click the Theme button.

    Figure. Theme button in the Slideshow Editor.
  2. In the dialog that appears, select a theme from the list, then click Choose Theme.

Aperture applies the selected theme to the slideshow.

Which Slideshow Theme Should You Choose?

Aperture provides a set of professionally designed themes you can use to present slideshows of your images. However, the Classic and Ken Burns slideshow themes are the most customizable. Use the dialog that appears when you create a new slideshow album or when you click the Theme button in the Slideshow Editor to preview the slideshow themes that come with Aperture. If you want to significantly modify a slideshow theme, choose Classic or Ken Burns.