Moving and Resizing Images in the Light Table

You can drag images to different locations in the Light Table, trying out different combinations and orientations. For example, you might take a group of related images and arrange them to see how they’d appear on a print page. You can also enlarge or reduce images. After resizing an image, you can quickly reset the image back to its original size.

To move images in the Light Table
  • In the Light Table, select the images you want to move and drag them to a new location.

To drag an image to a location offscreen
  • Drag the image to the border of the Light Table until the screen begins to scroll.

To change the size of an image
  • Position the pointer over the image, then drag a resize handle.

    Figure. Light Table showing a resize handle that can be dragged to change the image's size.
To reset an image to its previous size
  • Control-click the image, then choose Reset Selected Size from the shortcut menu.