Placing Images in a Book

Once you have created a book album with images and chosen a theme, it’s time to place images on the book’s pages.

See the following sections for detailed information:

Placing Images Manually

You can place images in a book manually by dragging them into the Book Layout Editor one at a time.

To add images to the book manually
  • Drag an image from the Browser to a photo box on the page.

Placing Images Automatically

Using the Autoflow feature, you can have Aperture automatically place your images in a book. It’s a good idea to set up the page structure of your document first by creating the number of pages needed and assigning master page layouts. Then arrange your images in the Browser in the order in which they should appear in the book and let Aperture place the images into the structure you created.

You can place all of the unplaced images in your book at once, or you can select specific images and have Aperture distribute them into any empty pages. For example, you might select several images and have Aperture place them into the first several pages of your book, and then select several more images and have Aperture place them on the following pages.

If you prefer, you can have Aperture create as many pages as necessary to hold all of your images and place them on the pages. Aperture creates new pages using master page designs from the selected theme and fills those pages with your images. You can then change the master page assignments if you wish.

Automatically Placing Unplaced Images

When you create a structure of pages to hold your images, Aperture can distribute unplaced images into the pages of the book. If more pages are required to hold your images, Aperture creates additional pages. If you’ve already placed some images on pages in the book, Aperture distributes images beginning with the first empty photo box.

To have Aperture “autoflow” unplaced images
  • Choose Autoflow Unplaced Images from the Book Action pop-up menu (with a gear icon) in the Book Layout Editor.

Automatically Placing Selected Images

You can select images in the Browser and Aperture can distribute them into the current page structure of the book, starting with the first empty photo box. For example, you can select two images in the Browser and have Aperture place them into the first two empty photo boxes of your book. You can thus place images into a document’s page structure little by little as you go. If you select more images than your current page structure can hold, Aperture creates new pages as necessary.

To have Aperture “autoflow” selected images
  1. In the Browser, select the images you want to place in the book.

  2. Choose Autoflow Selected Images from the Book Action pop-up menu (with a gear icon) in the Book Layout Editor.

Viewing Images to Be Placed in a Book

After an image is placed in the book, its Browser thumbnail is marked with a number to show how many times the image appears on the pages of the book.

Figure. Browser thumbnail with a number at the the top-right corner indicating how many times the image has been used in the book.

In a long book with many images, it can at times be difficult to know which images have been placed in a book. To help you work efficiently, you can click the Show Unplaced Images button to see only the images that remain unplaced.

Figure. Show All Images and Show Unplaced Images buttons in the Browser.
To display only unplaced images in the Browser
  • Click the Show Unplaced Images button.

To display all of an album’s images in the Browser
  • Click the Show All Images button.

To inspect selected images in detail, you can display them in the Viewer. When the Book Layout Editor is open, the Browser provides a button for quickly switching to a standard Viewer.

To display a selection of images in a book album in a standard Viewer
  1. Select the images in the Browser.

  2. Click the Show Viewer button.

    Figure. Show Viewer button in the Browser.

The Book Layout Editor is replaced by the Viewer, allowing you to view the images in detail and perform adjustments. To return to the Book Layout Editor, click the Show Viewer button again.

Making Adjustments to Images in a Book

You can't select and use the Lift, Stamp, Rotate, and adjustment tools in the tool strip when using the Book Layout Editor. To use these tools to make a change to an image in your book, select the image in the Browser, then click the Show Viewer button. The selected image appears in the Viewer where you can make adjustments. Click the Show Viewer button again to return to the Book Layout Editor.