An Overview of Creating Webpages

Web delivery is convenient when time won’t allow office visits or delivery of prints to clients. Photographers around the world currently benefit from web distribution of their works, providing clients with online access to galleries of their best images. Building a web portfolio for prospective clients can extend the reach of your photography business and reputation globally.

Using Aperture, you can create web galleries and web journals that you can post on your website or on your MobileMe account. Your web galleries and web journals are based on themes, or page designs. They can be edited easily in the Webpage Editor and can be posted to the web.

Warning: You can publish web galleries and web journals to MobileMe from within Aperture only if you have a MobileMe account or you’ve moved to iCloud from a preexisting MobileMe account. After June 30, 2012, you will no longer have access to your published web galleries and web journals or be able to view them on MobileMe. If you’ve removed a web gallery or web journal from your Aperture library, you can retrieve the published contents by connecting to your iDisk and then copying the published files from the Sites folder to your computer. For more information about working with iDisk, see Mac Help.

Making Adjustments to Images in a Web Gallery or Web Journal

You can’t select and use the Lift, Stamp, Straighten, Crop, or Red Eye tool or any Quick Brush adjustments when using the Webpage Editor. To use these tools to make a change to an image in a web gallery or web journal, select the image in the Browser, then click the Show Viewer button at the top of the Browser (to the right of the List View button). The selected image appears in the Viewer, and you can make your changes. Click the Show Viewer button again to return to the Webpage Editor.

Web Galleries

Aperture web galleries are designed to display images without your having to lay out pages by hand. Aperture automatically creates the appropriate number of webpages and populates them with the selected images. You can then adjust the pages to make the images appear as you want them. You can also choose the metadata information, such as captions, names, and ratings, that appears next to each image.

Web Journals

Web journals allow you to mix images and text manually on the page. Web journals are ideal for projects in which you show photos with narrative to support them. When working with web journals, you manually add pages, images, and text to your web journal. You can choose a theme to apply to all your pages, and you can change the layout of images and text on your web journal pages.

To create a web gallery or web journal, you create a webpage or web journal album. When you select the album in the Library inspector, the Webpage Editor appears. The Webpage Editor is where you design your webpages, including changing the theme, positioning images, and adding text.

After you’ve laid out your web gallery or web journal pages in the Webpage Editor, you can export them to your MobileMe account or save them as HTML pages that you can post to your webpage server. Once the images are posted online, you can give clients the Internet address of the pages, and clients can view them remotely.

Warning: After June 30, 2012, you will no longer have access to your web galleries and web journals published on MobileMe.