Creating Vaults

Before you can back up your files, you must create a vault and assign a hard disk to it. After you assign a disk to the vault, Aperture uses the vault to back up the entire library. You can create additional vaults and assign hard disks to them, and each additional vault also records a complete backup of the library.

To create a new vault
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Choose File > Vault > Add Vault.

    • Choose Add Vault from the Vault Action pop-up menu.

      Figure. Controls in the Vault pane.
  2. A dialog appears, listing the number of managed files that will be backed up to the vault and the number of referenced files that will not be included. Click Continue to proceed.

  3. In the Add Vault dialog, specify the following options:

    • Type a vault name in the Save As field.

    • Choose where you want the vault stored from the Where pop-up menu.

  4. Click Add.

The new empty vault appears in the Vault pane.

Important: To ensure preservation of your image assets, make sure to assign a separate external hard disk drive to each vault.

When you create a new vault, it is empty. Therefore, as soon as you create a new vault, you should update it.

To update a vault
  • In the Vault pane, click the Vault Status button to the right of the vault’s name.

    For more information about updating vaults, see Updating Vaults.

To see the hard disk assigned to a vault
  • In the Vault pane, click the disclosure triangle beside the vault name.

    Figure. Vault pane showing the vault disclosure triangles open to display the hard disk assigned to each vault.

You can easily see the amount of free space your vault has available next to the vault name. Make sure to assign enough disk space to the vault to ensure a complete backup of the library and to allow the library to grow as you import new images over time.