Reconnecting a Vault’s Hard Disk Drive to Your System

If you keep a backup of the Aperture library on an offsite hard disk drive, you’ll occasionally need to bring it in for updating. Aperture keeps track of the hard disks that have been disconnected from their vaults. When you reconnect a hard disk drive, Aperture automatically detects the hard disk, determines which vault it’s assigned to, and reconnects the vault.

At times, you may rename a backup hard disk drive or add a new one and copy a vault to the new disk. In this case, you need to specify the location, or path, of the new or changed backup hard disk drive.

To specify a vault’s new location or path
  1. Connect the hard disk drive to your computer.

  2. To show the Vault pane, do one of the following:

    • Choose Window > Show Vaults (or press Shift-R).

    • Click the Vault Pane button.

  3. Select the vault to be updated to a new path.

  4. Choose Update Vault Path from the Vault Action pop-up menu (with a gear icon).

  5. Navigate to the location of the vault on the hard disk drive, select it, then click Update Path.