Restoring Your Aperture System

If you buy a new computer or use another system at a different location and want access to the Aperture library, you can install Aperture and then transfer the library from your vault (on your backup disk) to the other computer. If you experience equipment failure or other unexpected events, such as fire or weather-related damage to your equipment, you can easily restore the entire library to your new computer from a backup disk.

To restore the entire library from an external backup disk
  1. Connect the hard disk drive that contains the most up-to-date vault to your computer and open Aperture.

  2. Choose File > Vault > Restore Library.

    The Restore Library dialog appears.

    Figure. Restore Library dialog.
  3. Choose Select Source Vault from the Source Vault pop-up menu.

  4. If necessary, navigate to the vault from which you want to restore, then click Select.

  5. Click Restore, then click Restore again.