The Aperture Main Window

The Aperture main window contains the following areas:

Figure. Aperture main window showing the Inspector pane, the Vault pane, the toolbar, the Viewer, and the Browser.

Note: The Inspector pane is shown by default. You can show or hide the Inspector pane by pressing I.

Arranging the Interface

Aperture provides many ways to view your images. You can arrange the Aperture main window in the Browser, Split View, and Viewer layouts. The areas in the Aperture interface are resizable, and you can customize these layouts to suit your workflow. You can also view images by the people in them using Faces view, and by the locations where they were captured using Places view. In addition, you can view your images in Full Screen view, which displays images against a solid background with only a few interface elements.

To see the main window layout shown above, click the Split View button in the toolbar.

For more information about changing the main window layout, see Changing Main Window Layouts.