Importing Images from the Finder via Drag and Drop

You can drag image files from the Finder or desktop directly into the Library inspector, Viewer, and Browser. This is useful if you’ve received image files from a source other than your camera and you want to use them in Aperture. You can also use this technique if you have image, audio, and video files scattered on your desktop or throughout folders on your system and you want to consolidate them in one place in the library.

To quickly import files from the Finder
  1. Select an item in the Library inspector in which to import the images.

  2. Locate the image, audio, or video files in the Finder.

  3. Select the files and drag them to either the selected item in the Library inspector or anywhere in the Browser or Viewer.

The import process begins and an indicator appears next to the project’s name, showing the progress of the import.