Capturing Images as You Work

For certain kinds of shoots, such as product shoots done within your office studio, you may want to immediately see test shots on your computer to check on lighting and other production factors. You can connect your camera directly to your computer and have each shot immediately appear in an Aperture project as you shoot. You can review an image in detail, make production changes, and then shoot and immediately see the results again. This process is called tethered shooting, and it’s ideal for checking the details of a shot while setting up the final shot.

Figure. Illustration of a digital camera tethered to a computer.

Note: For a list of cameras that Aperture supports for tethered shooting, go to See your camera’s manual for information about setting up your camera for tethered shooting.

To use tethered shooting, you first connect your camera to the computer using a USB or FireWire cable. You then select a project for the images to be stored in. Aperture provides a Tether Settings dialog for specifying your tethered shooting settings, and you can also use this dialog to specify any other import settings (just as you would normally specify import settings in the Import browser).

After starting a session, you can use Aperture to view and capture images. You use the Aperture Tether HUD to control your camera and take photos as you work.

To set up Aperture for tethered shooting
  1. Connect your camera to your computer.

  2. In the Library Inspector, select the project you want the images captured to.

  3. Choose File > Tether > Start Session.

  4. Specify import settings.

    For more information about the import settings, see Importing from Your Digital Camera or Card Reader.

  5. Click Start Session.

    The Tether HUD appears.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • To begin the capture session: Click Capture.
    • To stop capturing images: Click Stop Session.