Working with Two or More Browsers Open

You can work with two items in the Library inspector open at once, splitting the Browser into a separate pane for each item.

Figure. Browser split into panes containing the images of the two items selected in the Library inspector.

When you select an item in the Library inspector and then Option-click a second item, Aperture splits the Browser into two panes and shows thumbnails for both items. You can select images in either pane and see the selections in the Viewer. You can also set different display options for each pane. For example, one pane may show images in grid view and the other in list view. You may find that working with multiple Browser panes open allows you to easily copy or transfer the contents of one item in the Library inspector to another. You can also open multiple items in the Library inspector and display their contents in a single Browser. For more information about opening and closing multiple projects, see Opening and Closing Items in the Library Inspector.