Using the Loupe to Check the Focus of Images in the Browser

If you want to quickly check specific compositional details of an image, you can use the Loupe. Aperture provides a software Loupe that lets you magnify portions of an image. The Loupe is particularly useful when you are quickly navigating through images in the Browser and you need to verify that the image is in focus or other details without having to switch to the Viewer or Full Screen view.

To verify image details in the Browser using the Loupe
  1. Click the Loupe button in the toolbar, or press the Grave Accent (`) key.

    The Loupe appears.

    Figure. Centered Loupe magnifying a portion of an image in the Browser.
  2. Drag the Loupe over a thumbnail image in the Browser.

    If you drag within the Loupe, a circle appears that targets the area to be magnified.

A magnified view of the portion of the image that the Loupe is placed over appears within the Loupe. For more information about working with the Loupe, such as increasing and decreasing its diameter and magnification, see Viewing Images with the Loupe.