Navigating Through Images in Quick Preview Mode

As you work with images in the Browser and Viewer, you can set Aperture to display representations of the images called previews. A preview is a JPEG representation of the image whose file size is smaller than the original and allows Aperture to display images more quickly. For example, the thumbnails in the Browser are preview representations of the master, reduced to thumbnail size.

Likewise, when you select an image in the Viewer, Aperture first displays a preview image as it reads the larger master on disk. It then displays the full master once the image is decoded. This process of displaying the previews and then the masters can be nearly instantaneous, or, depending on the size of your masters, there can be a short delay in the final display.

For more information about creating and working with previews, see Working with Preview Images.

To speed up the access and display of images, you can turn on Quick Preview mode. In Quick Preview mode, Aperture displays preview images only, without reading the larger masters. You can use Quick Preview mode to rapidly switch among and select images. For example, you might use Quick Preview mode to quickly select and stack images, add keywords, or change other metadata. When using Quick Preview mode, however, there are some things you can’t do, such as make adjustments to images. In Quick Preview mode, tools and functions that aren’t available appear dimmed. Depending on your task, you may find switching to Quick Preview mode a great way to gain speedy access to images.

To turn on Quick Preview mode
Do one of the following:
  • Choose View > Quick Preview (or press P).

  • Click the Quick Preview button in the tool strip.

    Figure. Quick Preview button shown active in the tool strip.

The Quick Preview button in the tool strip turns yellow, and the border around the image selection in the Browser changes from white to yellow.