Rearranging Images in the Browser

As you work with images in the Browser, you can move and rearrange them into any order or grouping you like. For example, you might want to keep all related images of a wedding event, such as the cake cutting, in close proximity to allow you to easily sort through the best ones and then adjust them.

You can drag images to new locations in the Browser. When you drag images to new locations, you create a custom arrangement of your images, and the Sorting pop-up menu changes to show the Manual option. Aperture records the order of your images, and whenever you choose Manual from the Sorting pop-up menu, your images reappear in that order.

To rearrange images in the Browser
  • Drag the images you want to rearrange to a new location; when the green bar appears, release the mouse button.

To restore a manual arrangement of your images in the Browser
  • Choose Manual from the Sorting pop-up menu.

Aperture remembers the last time you moved images and restores that arrangement.