An Overview of Full Screen View

Full Screen view shows your images against a black background for detailed viewing using every inch of the display. Using a dual-display system in Full Screen view gives you an enlarged space in which to compare and adjust images. For more information about setting up a dual-display system, see Setting Up Your System with Two Displays.

You can view, compare, and stack your images in Full Screen view. You can also apply adjustments and keywords. When you’ve finished working with your images, you can use this view to preview and proof your images.

You can use any of the Aperture HUDs in Full Screen view. You can open the Inspector HUD or Keywords HUD by pressing its keyboard shortcut. In fact, you’ll find it convenient to use keyboard shortcuts for most features you use in Full Screen view. For more information about keyboard shortcuts you can use, see the Aperture 3 Keyboard Shortcuts card that came with Aperture.

Full Screen view has three modes that you can access by pressing the V key: