Creating Stacks

You can create stacks in two ways: you can specify that Aperture create stacks automatically, or you can create stacks manually. For example, if you shoot a series of images in quick succession (such as at a sports event) or if you bracket images to allow for differences in lighting or exposure, you most likely will want to view those images together. Aperture can stack those images based on metadata recorded by the camera as the series of pictures is taken.

Figure. Stack containing a series of images shot in quick succession.

For more information about creating stacks automatically, see Creating Stacks Automatically.

For more information about creating stacks manually, see Creating Stacks Manually.

Creating Stacks Automatically

You can have Aperture automatically group related images into stacks.

To automatically stack images
  1. In the Library inspector, select a project or an album that contains the images you want to stack.

  2. Choose Stacks > Auto-Stack (or press Command-Option-A).

  3. In the Auto-Stack Images HUD, drag the slider to specify the maximum interval for successive shots in a stack.

    Figure. Auto-Stack Images HUD.

    As you drag the slider, the images in the Browser are stacked according to the interval of time specified. For example, if you typically shoot a series of related images in 15-second intervals, set the slider to 15 seconds.

  4. Inspect the stacks to determine if the time interval should be shortened or lengthened.

    Note: You can also manually select images in the Import browser and stack and unstack them using the same commands and procedures you use to stack images in the Browser.

Creating Stacks Manually

After importing photos, you may want to quickly review them and delete those that you immediately see have technical or content flaws. You may then want to group the remaining images into stacks before rating them. Stacking images manually can help provide an initial organization and an overview of your shots, which you can then put through a more refined or discriminating rating pass later.

To create a stack manually
  1. In the Browser, select the images you want to stack.

    You can Shift-click adjacent images and Command-click nonadjacent images to select them.

    Tip: As a fast way to select a series of images, select an image at one end of the series, hold down the Shift key, and press the Right Arrow or Left Arrow key to select additional images. You can also Command-click to select individual images that are not adjacent to the initial selection.

  2. Choose Stacks > Stack (or press Command-K).

    Figure. Stack containing three similar images.

The selected images are now stacked and appear linked in gray. The Stack button appears as an overlay on the top-left portion of the current pick image in the Browser. You can change the pick image and rearrange the order of the images in the stack as you wish.

You can unstack a selection of images, if you need to.

To unstack a selection of images
  • After creating a stack, choose Edit > Undo, or select an image in the stack and choose Stacks > Unstack (or press Command-Shift-K).