Sorting Images by Rating

After you’ve rated your images, you can sort images according to a specific rating. For example, after an initial rating pass, you can choose to show only those images rated Select, with five stars. You can then closely inspect and further refine your selection or begin making adjustments to images. You can sort images by rating using either the pop-up menu in the Browser’s search field or the Rating controls in the Filter HUD.

Note: Image files are not deleted when sorted by rating. They are only temporarily removed from view.

For more information on using the Browser’s search field to sort images by rating, see Searching for Images in the Browser.

To sort images by rating using the Filter HUD
  1. Show the Filter HUD by doing one of the following:

    • Choose Edit > Find (or press Command-F).

    • In the Browser, click the Filter HUD button next to the search field.

      Figure. Filter HUD button in the Browser.
  2. Select the Rating checkbox.

    Figure. Filter HUD showing the Rating checkbox, pop-up menu, and slider.
  3. Choose an option from the Rating pop-up menu.

    • To show images with a specific rating only: Choose “is.”
    • To show images with a specific rating or better: Choose “is greater than or equal to.”
    • To show images with a specific rating or worse: Choose “is less than or equal to.”
  4. Drag the Rating slider to specify a rating.

The Browser instantly displays only images that meet the specified rating criteria.

To view all images again
Do one of the following:
  • Deselect the Rating checkbox in the Filter HUD.

  • Press Control-6.

To view all images that are unrated or better
  • Press Control–Grave Accent (`).

To view rejected images only
  • Press Control-8.