Calibrating and Profiling Your Printer

Calibrating and profiling your printer is similar to calibrating and profiling your display. The color management system comes with color charts specifically designed to help the calibration system create a profile for your printer.

To calibrate and profile your printer
  1. If you haven’t already done so, install the software that came with your color management system.

  2. Open the color calibration software application.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to print the color chart using the printer you want to profile.

  4. Follow the instructions that came with your color management system to scan the color chart.

When the application has finished scanning the color chart, it asks you to save the custom ICC profile created during the calibration process. This profile is saved at /Users/username/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/. Now your printer is profiled.

Important: Your printer’s profile is a snapshot of the device’s behavior. This means that the profile is specific to the type of paper and ink used when the printer was profiled. If you print on multiple types of paper, such as glossy and semi-glossy, it's important that you create separate profiles for each paper type.