Setting Up Your System with Two Displays

Using more than one display gives you additional screen space to view and adjust images, play slideshows, and present your full-size, full-color images.

Figure. Diagram illustrating a computer with a dual-display setup.

To connect a second display, you need the following:

Note: You may also need to purchase an adapter to connect the display cable to the graphics card on your computer. See the documentation that came with your computer or graphics card for more information about the type of display cable or adapter you need.

To connect a second display to your computer
  1. Turn off the computer.

  2. Connect a display cable (and adapter, if necessary) from an available display port on your computer or graphics card to the display.

    Depending on your displays, you may have one or more cables to connect. Refer to the documentation that came with the display and your computer for detailed information.

    Important: Make sure the cables are connected firmly, or you may not be able to see an image on the display.

  3. Turn on the displays (if necessary) and start up your computer.

You’ll now want to adjust your displays for proper viewing.