Working with Transients

Transients are the points in an audio file where beats occur. Typically, transients occur at the widest areas of a waveform in the waveform display. During playback, Soundtrack Pro adjusts looping files using a technique called stretching to achieve the best audio quality, based on the loop’s transients. Non-looping files are not affected by stretching.

When you open a file in Apple Loops Utility, it looks for transients at every 16th note position, based on the file’s tags for tempo and the number of beats. You can change the beat value at which Apple Loops Utility detects transients using the Transient Division pop-up menu.

To display a file in the Transients tab
  • Select the file in the Assets drawer, then click the Transients tab.

The Transients tab can display only one file. If multiple files are selected, no waveform is displayed in the window. The waveform display in the Transients tab displays both the transients detected by Apple Loops Utility and transients you add to the file. You can add transients and move existing transients in the Transients tab.

To add a new transient
  • Click in the darker area above the Beat ruler in the waveform display.

To move a transient marker
  • Drag the marker by its handle in the area above the Beat ruler.

To change the beat value of detected transients
  • Choose a beat value from the Transient Division pop-up menu.

    Choosing a larger beat value results in fewer transients being detected. Choosing a smaller beat value results in more transients being detected, if they are present in the audio recorded in the file.

    Figure. Transient Division pop-up menu in the Transients tab.

Sometimes transients occur at points in the audio file other than on a beat value. You can have Apple Loops Utility detect additional transients in the file using the Sensitivity slider. When you increase the sensitivity of transient detection, Apple Loops Utility considers points of higher amplitude in the waveform as transients, regardless of whether or not they occur at a beat value.

To change the sensitivity of transient detection
  • Drag the Sensitivity slider to the left to decrease the sensitivity, or to the right to increase the sensitivity of transient detection.

    Figure. Sensitivity slider in the Transients tab.
To remove a transient
Do one of the following:
  • Click the transient’s handle in the area above the Beat ruler, then press the Delete key.

  • Drag the transient out of the area above the Beat ruler.