Saving Changes to Files

When you save changes in Apple Loops Utility, you can save changes to only the currently selected files, or to all files marked in the Changes column of the Assets drawer. Any other file tags are unchanged. This is especially useful when working with a large group of files.

When saving multiple files, the checkbox next to the tag must be selected if changes to that tag are to be saved. For information about tagging multiple files, see Tagging Files in Apple Loops Utility.

To save changes to the currently selected files
  • Click the Save button.

    Saving changes to a large number of files may take several minutes.

To save all changes
  • Click the Save All button in the Assets drawer.

To save multiple files to the same directory
  1. Choose File > Save As.

  2. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the files, then click Save.

When you save multiple files using the Save As dialog, the files are saved to the selected directory, and their names are unchanged.

When you save changes to files in the WAV format, by default they are converted to the AIFF format and saved in the same location as the original WAV files. The new AIFF files have the same name as the WAV files, but with the .aiff file extension. You can change this default behavior in the Apple Loops Utility Preferences window. See Apple Loops Utility Preferences for more information.