About Apple Loops Utility

You can add and change tags using Apple Loops Utility. You can also tag multiple files, a process known as batch tagging.

Apple Loops Utility can read both AIFF and WAV file formats. When you save changes you make to either type of file, the file is saved as an AIFF file, the default file format for Soundtrack Pro. The set of tags you can work with using Apple Loops Utility includes all of the tags in WAV files tagged for use with Sony’s ACID music application, as well as additional tags.

Tagged audio files can also contain information about transients. Transients indicate where beats occur in the file, and Soundtrack Pro uses transients to play back audio files at the highest level of quality. Apple Loops Utility can detect transients present in an audio file, and you can use Apple Loops Utility to add markers for additional transients and move them to new locations.