About the Compressor Service Sharing Pane

Both the Final Cut Studio installer and the Apple Qmaster Node Installer include the Compressor Service Sharing pane, in which you can quickly set up the computer as an unmanaged service node. Selecting the Yes option in this pane is the first of two steps in setting up AutoClusters in Compressor. An AutoCluster is a temporary QuickCluster that you create automatically when you submit a batch. For more information about AutoClusters, see Using Compressor AutoClusters.

Note: You can change any of these settings at a later time in the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences.

If you are unsure which role each computer will play in your network, just install the Apple Qmaster software on each computer in your network. You can sort out the details later. See Basic Components of the Apple Qmaster Distributed Processing System for additional information on what roles individual computers can play in the distributed processing system.