Example of a Minimal Distributed Processing Network

A very small distributed processing setup could include as few as two computers:

Though simple, this setup is useful in a small-scale environment because it allows the client computer to offload a lot of processing work.

See Example of an Expanded Distributed Processing Network for an illustration of a more powerful setup.

Using One Computer to Serve Two Distributed Processing Roles

To maximize your resources, you may want to consider using some computers for more than one distributed processing function.

  • Service node and cluster controller: In a small setup, one of the service nodes in a cluster can also act as the cluster controller so that it performs both functions. However, in a cluster of many service nodes, the processing load required for the cluster controller could be so high that it would not be efficient to use one computer as both a service node and a cluster controller.
  • Client computer and cluster controller or service node: You could also set up a client computer to act as a cluster controller or service node in a cluster, but again, keep in mind that the more available processing power a computer has, the faster it can manage or process jobs.