The Interfaces in the Apple Qmaster Distributed Processing System

The Apple Qmaster system is a suite of applications that work together to provide maximum power and flexibility for distributed processing. The elements of the system can be combined in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

In general, you use the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences to configure service nodes and cluster controllers and to create simple clusters. System administrators use Apple Qadministrator for advanced cluster creation and control. Client users use Compressor or Apple Qmaster to submit batches of jobs for processing. Finally, Batch Monitor can be used by both administrators and client users to monitor and manage batches.

Figure. Diagram showing the relationship between the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences, Apple Qadministrator, Compressor, Apple Qmaster, and Batch Monitor.

Note: It is possible to create a simple (personal) distributed processing system and skip Apple Qadministrator altogether. See Apple Qmaster Pane of System Preferences and About QuickClusters for more information.