Apple Qadministrator

Use the Apple Qadministrator application to create and modify Apple Qmaster clusters. Apple Qadministrator can be used on any computer that is on the same network as the cluster you want to administer. With the administrator password (if one was created), you can also use Apple Qadministrator to see and modify existing clusters on the network.

Figure. Apple Qadministrator window showing how to drag available services to a cluster.

For details about using Apple Qadministrator, see:

To open Apple Qadministrator
  • Double-click the Apple Qadministrator icon in the Applications folder.

The Apple Qadministrator window appears. If a password was created for the currently selected cluster, you will not be able to see or modify the cluster until you click the Lock button and then enter the password in the dialog that appears.

Figure. Apple Qadministrator window.