Compressor and Apple Qmaster as Client Interfaces

Client computer users use either Compressor or Apple Qmaster to submit batches for processing.

Figure. Diagram showing how to use Compressor and Apple Qmaster to submit batches to different kinds of clusters.

Using Compressor

Use the Cluster pop-up menu in the Compressor Batch window to choose a cluster for any given batch. For more information on submitting batches with Compressor, see the Compressor User Manual.

To open Compressor
  • Double-click the Compressor icon in the Applications folder.

The Compressor default window layout appears.

Figure. Compressor default window layout.

Using Apple Qmaster

The Apple Qmaster application is the application that you use to submit distributed processing jobs from digital visual effects software packages such as Shake, Autodesk Maya, and any UNIX command-line program.

You can use any of the following workflows in Apple Qmaster:

  • For Shake processing batches, you can drag Shake files into the Apple Qmaster window. A default script for submitting the jobs is automatically created. In Apple Qmaster, you can then specify certain details, such as which cluster to use, and make adjustments to certain settings.

  • For Maya batches, there is also a special interface within Apple Qmaster for submitting and customizing Maya jobs.

  • You can use the Generic Render command in Apple Qmaster for the distributed processing of projects from other frame-based rendering applications (such as After Effects and LightWave).

For complete information about the Apple Qmaster application, see the Apple Qmaster User Manual.

To open Apple Qmaster
  • Double-click the Apple Qmaster icon in the Applications folder.

The Apple Qmaster window appears.

Figure. Apple Qmaster window.