Batch Monitor

As an administrator, you can use Batch Monitor to track the progress of all the batch activity for all the clusters on your network. You can see how close to completion each job is, along with other details, and you can stop, resume, or delete batches as well. If you are a client user, you can use Batch Monitor to view and manage your own batches.

Figure. Diagram showing clusters sending batch status information to Batch Monitor.

For complete information about Batch Monitor, see the Batch Monitor User Manual.

To open Batch Monitor
Do one of the following:
  • Submit a batch with Compressor or Apple Qmaster. The Batch Monitor window opens automatically depending on your preference setting.

  • Double-click the Batch Monitor icon in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.

  • Click the Batch Monitor button in the Apple Qmaster window or in the Compressor Batch window.

  • In Apple Qadministrator, choose Cluster > Show Batch Monitor.

Batch Monitor opens.

Figure. Batch Monitor window.