About QuickClusters

QuickClusters offer a simple and automated way to create and configure clusters, as well as an alternative to creating and configuring clusters manually with Apple Qadministrator. QuickClusters with enabled unmanaged support automatically configure themselves and use any available unmanaged services on the same local network (subnet). QuickClusters listen for unmanaged service advertisements and may mark or remember any of them for later use.

Creating QuickClusters

You can create and modify QuickClusters in the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences.

To create and modify QuickClusters
  1. Open the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences.

    Figure. Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences.
  2. Under “Share this computer as,” select “QuickCluster with services.”

  3. Optionally, you can configure a number of settings before you turn on the processing services. (See Scheduling Service Availability.)

    Note: It’s easiest to do this now because you can’t configure these settings when processing services are enabled. To configure these settings after services have been enabled, you need to turn off the services, configure the settings, and then turn the services on again.

  4. Click Start Sharing.

    This creates a QuickCluster with this computer as its controller.

Note: With an active QuickCluster, Apple Qmaster users can create extended node clusters, which contain one or more computers that do not have Apple Qmaster installed. See the Apple Qmaster User Manual for more information.

About AutoClusters

The AutoCluster feature in Compressor gives you an easy way to take advantage of the distributed processing capabilities offered by Apple Qmaster without requiring a lot of knowledge about how clusters are configured, how to set up file sharing, and so on. The AutoCluster feature in Compressor allows you to do the following steps, on the fly, with just one click, at the moment of batch submission:

  • Turn “This Computer” into a temporary QuickCluster. (The computer you are using appears as “This Computer” in the Apple Qmaster distributed processing system.)

  • Use unmanaged services from other computers.

For more details on AutoClusters, see Using Compressor AutoClusters.