Setting Passwords

You can create several types of passwords for the Apple Qmaster distributed processing system. All these passwords are optional; you can use the system without creating them.

You can also change the default scratch storage location for a cluster, or for each computer in a cluster. See Using Cluster Storage.

Setting Cluster Administrator and User Passwords

You can create cluster passwords while creating a new cluster, as described in Creating Clusters with Apple Qadministrator. However, once the cluster is created, you can still add or change passwords, using the same settings in Apple Qadministrator.

To create or change cluster passwords
  1. In Apple Qadministrator, select the cluster from the Cluster list.

  2. Click Security.

  3. Select and enter or change the passwords you want.

    Figure. Security tab in the Apple Qadministrator window.
  4. Click Apply.

Note: Cluster administrator and cluster user passwords can be stored in a user’s keychain.

Setting a Service Password for Including a Computer in a Cluster

If you want to control who is able to include a specific service node or cluster controller in a cluster, you can create a password called a service password for the computer.

Note: A service password can be stored in a user’s keychain.

To set a service password
  1. On the computer designated as the service node or cluster controller, open the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences.

  2. If any Apple Qmaster services are enabled on this computer, temporarily turn them off by clicking Stop Sharing.

  3. Click Require Password.

    The password dialog opens.

    Figure. Password dialog in the Apple Qmaster pane of System Preferences.
  4. Enter and verify a password, then click OK.

  5. Select the relevant checkbox or click the Start Sharing button to restart the services you need on this computer.