About the Apple Qmaster Distributed Processing System

High-volume processing is sometimes addressed by carefully managing multiple computers; technicians set up batches of processing tasks for each computer and then monitor their progress, collect and route the processed files, and start over again with new batches. Although this is an improvement over the single-computer method, the resource and process management can be laborious and slow.

The Apple Qmaster distributed processing system provides a more efficient solution, handling all the work distribution and processing for you, behind the scenes. Apple Qmaster and the Apple Qmaster features of Compressor manage the processing across designated computers. They subdivide the work for speed, route the work to the computers with the most available computing power, and direct the processing.

The Apple Qmaster system uses the processing capacity of your network computers for a wide range of tasks, including transcoding and rendering for digital visual effects software packages such as Apple Shake, Adobe After Effects, and Autodesk Maya.