Using Batch Monitor

Just as Printer Setup Utility allows you to view print jobs submitted to a printer, Batch Monitor lets you view the status of batches submitted for processing. For example, Batch Monitor displays each batch’s name, details of where it originated, the percentage of completion, and the estimated time before completion. Batches not yet running appear as pending. Each batch, job, target, and target segment includes status information and a progress bar, as well as buttons you can use to pause, resume, cancel, and get the status of a transcode that is currently in progress.

Note: The most popular use of Batch Monitor is viewing the progress of the Compressor transcoding batches. By default, Batch Monitor does not automatically open when you submit a Compressor batch. To have Batch Monitor open automatically, in Compressor choose Compressor > Preferences > Auto launch Batch Monitor. See the Compressor User Manual for more information.