About the Inspector Window

To get detailed information about any submitted batch, job, target, or segment, click its Show Info button to open the Inspector for that item. The Inspector includes two tabs: the Status tab and the Log tab.

Status Tab

The Status tab displays the full text of status messages on any batch, job, target, or segment, such as Name, Submission Time, Owner, Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Percent Complete, and Status.

Figure. Status tab.

Log Tab

The Log tab displays detailed text information on any batch, job, target, or segment. This information is useful for troubleshooting distributed processing issues, and it can be saved to a file and processed with XML tools and UNIX scripts.

Figure. Log tab.

Log and Notification Labels

The following table lists the service labels used in logs and email notifications.

Local Compressor service
Distributed Compressor service
Distributed Apple Qmaster service